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When we hand you back your keys you can rest assured we have provided good honest workmanship.

Tyre Fitting Service

We hold a range of tyres which are professionally fitted and balanced

Vehicle Servicing

Ensure trouble free miles with a full and highly competitive service of your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Repairs & Charge

With traffic congestion and temperatures increasing this benefit is becoming a must to stay cool in your car. In autumn and winter misted windows can be avoided by running your air conditioning to dehumidify the air.

Proportions of dust and fumes will be removed in the evaporator and filter benefiting asthma and allergy suffers.

Did you know that your air-con should be used all year around?

To prevent damage to the seals which will dry out and stop oil drain back. and accelerated leakage of refrigerant and ineffective cooling, increased fuel consumption and faster system wear, use your air-con all year round.

Did you know that R134a (air-con gas) leaks naturally. The molecular structure and engine vibration mean leakage on the systems can occur at a rate of about 10% - 15% per year.

All of the above are facts relating to one of the most important daily functions of your car. Here at Motomotion we not only work on general car repairs but have a team of highly trained mechanics and certified who can service your air conditioning. It is generally spoken that air con servicing must be done every 2 years to maintain the system and keep it performincg efficiently.

Air conditioning servicing should only be completed by experienced certified mechanics in this field as an untrained junior could cause severe problems by tampering with the system. Here at Motomotion in South Woodham Ferrers we have this under control and offer not only the best possible service but at the very best prices all year round.

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